NO more hand me downs

For the longest time, without realizing it, I've lowered my standards, in order to be happy, to be with someone.  I've just accepted hand me down affections, hand me down love, hand me down attention instead of receiving what I deserve, bonafide love, affections and attention.  I'm done w/ that.  This definitely sounds like a rant and it probably is because I just received a text from a guy that I thought had potential but when we had spoken earlier, he said he would call me back in an hour.  3 hours later, he sends me a text saying he's around and if i'm around, we can talk.  I read the text and the old me, the one who reveled in hand me down attention, would have responded because I was desperate for affection but instead, I closed my phone and tossed it back on the table.  Like I said, I'm good.  If he doesn't think I'm worth calling or sticking to a particular time frame, then he's not worth my time.  NO more hand me downs.


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