Weight loss journey Day 1

So it begins.  THIS TIME IS IT, DAMMIT!

I don't set goals.  Let me take that back.  I do set goals, but I don't have a game plan in order to reach my goal.

My goal is to lose a total of 62-65 lbs, my game plan is to revamp my diet and exercise, completely change my habits and be positive about this whole experience.

Since it's after midnight, today will be my official first day.  I'm just tired of being fat.  In a moment, I am going to weigh myself and take measurements.  I'll document all of this.  I'm putting this out here because I need accountability.

Be right back...

I'm back.  I can't find my tape measure so I won't be able to measure myself.  So I weighed myself and I weigh 227.8 lbs.

So, I'll be fully committed to Weight Watchers (that's how I lost 70lbs about 7 yrs ago) and I'll journal what I eat, EVERYTHING I eat.

Why am I doing this?  Other than the fact that I'm 36 and will 37 in 3 mths?  I miss my clothes, especially my dresses.  I miss wearing my dresses.  I miss wearing my heels and I miss shopping.  I refuse to buy clothes that will show my fat, juicy mama arms or my fat juicy mama legs (couldn't think of anything other than juicy mama that would convey the girth of my arms and legs).

So here are my stats:

5'10, 227.8 lbs.


I'll weigh in every week, on Monday document, good or bad and chronicle all I eat and how much I work out and what work out I do.

I pray for discipline cause I am the least disciplined person I know.  This won't stop me from studying for my LVN exam, but I am determined.


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