Day 4

Today was kinda tough.  I had to work today.  I armed myself the best I could, just to make sure I didn't slip today.  It was hard.

Last night, I was salivating over the egg whites and mushrooms scramble I had earlier that day and made it this morning.  This time, to make sure I would have enough, in the event I got hungry later on, I had 9 egg whites instead of 6 and 3 cartons of sliced mushrooms (brown ones) instead of 2.

I ate half on my way to work and the other half in the latter part of the morning.  I got in to work at 8am and ate the rest around 10 or 11.

I also took 6 nectarines, cut 5 oranges into wedges and of course, I forgot my water.

I didn't weigh myself this morning because I didn't want to be disappointed.  My jeans felt looser and even my juicy mama arms didn't look so juicy, even though they still are.

I left work at 5 but before I left, around 4 something, I started getting hungry.  I have some snacks in my drawer at work, some WW twinkies, which are like 2 points each and 100 calorie popcorn, which are 3 points per bag and there are 4 bags in a box.  I debated between the two which would be the lesser of evils and decided on the popcorn.  It was filling and it helped curb my appetite.  I only ate one bag.

I got home and promptly filled my two Trader Joes 1.5L water bottles.  I drank one and still have the other left.  I'll finish it tonight before bed.

I was thinking this evening about when I'm on track and allow myself a cheat day, how I will manage w/out going apeshit.  It hit me.  I can still have a burger but have it low carb, no mayo, no ketchup.  Just mustard, pickles, lettuce, tomatoes and maybe, a strong maybe on the onions.  I HATE raw onion and figure that if I have raw onion on my burger, I won't be so quick to scarf that puppy down.  We'll see.

I still pray for discipline and again, having to track this whole process is keeping me accountable.  


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