Day 5

I didn't have time to make my egg white/mushroom scramble.  I took my 6 nectarines and 1 bag of grapes.  I had breakfast w/ my boyfriend.  I had an egg mcmuffin, no cheese.  It totaled about 7 points, then when I got to work, I snacked on nectrines.  I went to my prayer group and on my way home, snacked on some grapes, about 2-3 cups.  Just drinking my water now.

Sorry for the short post, I'm putting twists in my hair, but needed to get this down.  Continuous prayer for discipline and strength.

So the deal is, I was determined to wear a dress today but was so afraid that I wouldn't fit into any of the dresses in my closet so I went to Ross to try and find a dress.  I went to the big mama section, tried on a size 18, 16 and 14W.  NONE of them fit, they were too big.

This morning, I picked a dress from my closet, a regular 14, and it fit.  Mind you, I had to wear 2 Spanx and it fit.  Later in the afternoon, I took the Spanx off and the dress still fit.  lol.

Tomorrow is the day I weigh-in, we'll see how it goes.


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