NO more lowered standards

So on Friday, my sister and I decide to go to a Wakekeeping.  I'm driving, so on our way, we stop at the gas station cause I need to fill up on gas.  I pay, pump and go into the store to get my change.  As I'm walking out, I walk gingerly so I don't fall because I'm wearing heels.

I look ahead, taking my time as a I walk and in front of me is a guy.  He's parked his minivan in the once empty stall at the gas station and so I'm trying to figure out how to maneuver around his vehicle to get to mine.  He says hello, I say hello.  As I pass him, he asks me what cologne I'm wearing.  I told him that at the moment it was gas.  He laughed.  I let him know I'm wearing Usher for men.  He says it smells good on me.  I thank him.  As I begin to walk away, he engages me in conversation.  He asks my name, I tell him.  He tells me his name.  We chat for a bit and I'm intrigued so when he asks for my number, I give it to him.  I get back in the car and my sister and I drive off to the Wake.

An hour later, I check my phone and see I receive a text from the guy from the gas station.  In the text he says he's impressed.  I ask what he's impressed with.  He says he's impressed by what he saw and heard.  I lol.  He texts back that he will call me when he gets back into town because he and his family (mom and dad) are going to Vegas to see his brother.  I respond ok.

All this happened Friday night.

Today is Monday night.  It's about 9:22 pm.  I just dropped my phone after sending a text telling guy that I'm not available to meet with him but will let him know when I will be available.  I don't have any plans of ever seeing that man again.  Why you ask?  I'll tell you.

He called me this morning, this Monday morning and we chatted.  It was a lovely chat.  He told me about himself, his family and what he does for a living.  He told me he's a Surgical Nurse.  He's not married but has 3 daughters.  They live up north with their mother.  He makes plans for us to attend a seminar together in October.

I googled him, out of curiosity.  I found his Facebook page.  On his Facebook page I see him with his family.  I also see a picture of him and a woman and she has her arm over his shoulder, holding him close.  I investigate.  I look at more pictures and find one with just the two of them and he captions the picture "hanging with my baby."  I also see on his page where in occupation, he put he's a Certified Surgical Technician.

Investigation concluded.

I told my sister and she let me know that I shouldn't lower my standards because I want to be with someone.  She told me that the right one will come along and maybe my not being with anyone at this moment and time is God's way of making sure I focus on getting me ready.  She made a valid argument.  I'm not lowering my standards.  I won't give my number to a dude because he shows the slightest bit of interest in me.


Anonymous said…
...staying true to one's standards, in spite of."
YankeeNaija said…
it's a lesson we should all know, but some of us lose sight.

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