I was very brusque with someone today.  A guy I used to be intimate with.  We aren't friends, haven't been friends for a very long time.  He'll send me texts and I ignore them.  He calls, I ignore the calls.  Today, he sent me a text, wondered if I wasn't receiving them or just ignoring him.  I responded.  I let him know I'm ignoring him.  He texts back, wondering why.  I let him know that our time is over and I'm just moving on.  I ask that he respect my wishes to be left alone.  He text back asking what my problem was, why I was upset.  I ask him again to leave me alone.  He still doesn't stop.  He texts me again.  I text back that I don't want to cuss him out, to just leave me alone.  He texts back again.  I let loose.  I ask him to fucking leave me alone and what he's doing is harassing me.  He's still persistent.  I text back to fucking leave me alone and if he persists, I will take legal action.  He then responds that he'll stop when I stop sending responses.  He said he's not harassing me because he's not calling me.  I call him and hurl cuss words at him and tell him to stop or I will take legal action against him for harassment.  I hang up the phone.

No call back and no more texts from him.

I feel bad.  Not about asking him to leave me alone but about the level it escalated to. 


rethots said…
Hmmm, well sometimes only after we've left 'it' does its true worth dawn on us.
YankeeNaija said…
Hmmm...but only if it has value or we deem it has value.

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