Getting ready for a change

On my way to church this morning, I was listening to the KJLH, like I normally do.  On Sundays, it's church radio, a departure from it's usual rotation of R&B.  I was listening to a particular sermon, where the preacher was using the passage in Genesis, where Jacob wrestled the Angel of God and his name was changed and he himself was transformed and what I surmised from what the preacher said, was that each of us receive regular blessing, whether we're good or bad.  BUT, when God has BIG BLESSINGS that He wants to give us, we need to be transformed.  We have to be changed.  I too am going through a transformation, getting ready for all that God is going to do in my life.  Are you getting ready for the BIG BLESSING?  Are you going through your transformation?  Think about it.  Each of us, on some level, are being transformed more and more into the likeness of God.  Isn't that why He created us in the first place?  It's just that with sin, we get farther and farther away from Him and the image of Him we're supposed to be like.  The change is coming.  Be ready.


T.Notes said…
I am failing to understand your comings n goings these days YN!But since i'd love you all the same...amen n amen to that.
YankeeNaija said…
lol. I know that my comings and goings have been a bit sporadic, but just dealing w/ life. Sometimes I forget that life happens and I must still function and not let things just be a standstill. I'm still around, with a ton of stuff to say and I'll continue to use this medium as a means to get all the stuff in me out. Thank you my dear for reminding me. And PS, I still your contact info, i.e, your digits. cough it up babe.

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