What a girl wants

What do we, as women, want from the men we love? This is specifically geared to our significant others, our lovers, boyfriends, husbands. What do we expect from them? What do we hope they can/will do for us? I can only speak for myself and say that what I want from my boyfriend is attention. I would like to speak to him everyday. I would like for him to call me and talk to me about whatever he wants. I don't want to be the one to have to call all the time. I would like for him to plan something for us to do. I would like to be able to go out with him and do something other than stay at his house and hang out all day. Mind you, I don't mind if it were an activity we did once in a while but it's every time. I want him to compliment me more. I want him to tell me how attractive I am, how beautiful I am. He tells me how intelligent I am, and I love that but it would be nice to know that he thinks I'm pretty too. I want my boyfriend to take better care of himself. I want him to step away from the computer and television and be more active. I want him to be in better shape. I want him to be fit. I want him to eat better. He is such a gorgeous man. He's 6ft tall, light skinned, has beautiful eyes and mouth, just breath taking, but he's overweight. When we make love, he gets tired in the middle of it and it breaks the rhythm we have. Also, when he's tired, he doesn't perform as well and he is a great lover and has been known to make me have multiple orgasms, but as of late, I can barely get one. It's so disheartening.

Why am I writing all these things? Because I'm too chicken shit to say it directly to him without the fear of hurting his feelings, so I try to be subtle and say things that aren't mean but not exactly to the point either. This is disappointing that the man I love and still fancy quite a bit doesn't pay me attention the way I want, doesn't make love to me with as much energy and vigor as I want and doesn't long for me the way I long for him.

We're going outside of his house tomorrow, to hang out, at my urging. I'd like to say these things to him and see if there's anyway we can turn things around.

Here's hoping things get turned around.


Sugarking said…
Awww, I loved reading this. The thoughts of a woman in print! I think u should go ahead and talk to him though. It shouldn't hurt his feelings. I think its about how its said actually.

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