I'm writing again and let me just say: that shit is hard.

That being said, I realize I don't have the discipline to do it. I'll still get this story out and another one I just started, sort of an autobiography, but it's hard. It's different this time around because I don't have any blocks. As soon as I get my lazy ass to write, the story starts pouring out.

I'd like to publish, but then again, who would like to read it? I know, I know, it doesn't really matter what anyone says but is that true? How come when we receive praise, we're so happy and hang on every word but when we receive negative feedback, we say that they don't know what they're talking about, what they say doesn't matter? Go figure.

I think that's more of what I'm afraid of, the negative feedback. I've never written anything other than papers for school assignments and that was eons ago. And then, I hated it because it was such a chore, but now, I have these thoughts in my head that I feel needs to be put on paper.

I remember two people I showed my first piece to. One, a published, well respected author, the other my sister (political science major who ultimately became a lawyer). I showed them both just one page, that was all I'd had written at the time.
The author was amazed and asked where was the rest. He said that he was looking for more and wanted more. My sister told me she didn't like it and that I should just stick to what I knew best because I wasn't an English major and it wasn't very good. Hmmm...

Who knows. I just want to get to the point of being done and what will I do with it after that? The truth is, I want to publish. Gad zooks!


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