Moving on

The title is apropos w/ my intentions.  I'm moving out of my mother's house and breaking up w/ my boyfriend, in one fell swoop.  DANG!!

I'm nervous on both fronts, man!

I'm moving out of my mom's house because I just can't deal anymore.  I just can't deal with the fact that she doesn't get me and I don't get her.  We're are just two completely different ppl who see things SO differently.

I'm breaking up w/ my boyfriend because sadly, the guy's just not into me.  And it's sad too because Sept. 15th would have clocked 8 mths, and for me , (not counting my marriage which lasted two very long years), this is the longest relationship I've ever been in.  I really tried.  I gave more for this relationship than I ever thought I had in me but it just wasn't reciprocated and that's just not right.

I wish him well.  I wish him nothing but happiness, because that happiness just wasn't w/ me.  I tolerated so much but it just wasn't enough.

The hardest part is telling my mom that I want to move out but not cut off ties w/ her.  I just need my own space.  I need it or one day I will go ape shit and I do not want to go ape shit on my mother and cause irreparable harm to our relationship.

God help me on both fronts, in Jesus name.  Amen. 


Myne Whitman said…
I hope things work out for you on both ends. Hugs!
YankeeNaija said…
@Myne: thank you so much.
Adura Ojo said…
I sure hope it works out, dear. Didn't know you'd started blogging again. Have a great week.
YankeeNaija said…
@NJ: It's been entirely too long.

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