Do overs

I wish that God would allow a do over.  Meaning, I wish that God would allow me to do over my life.  Knowing all the things I know now, I feel I'd be better equipped to do things, maybe not perfectly right, but a whole lot better than I'm doing it now.
I suppose the idea that knowing what I know now, apart from how I lived my youth, why not make the latter part of my life better?  I'm working on it.  But it feels like it's a slow progression.  I want things to happen at my pace and not just wait for them to happen.  I feel sometimes, like I have to wait for things to be done in an order instead of just taking charge and making them happen.
Then I have to ask myself, how did work for me when I'd take the bulls by the horns and my life ended the way it is now because of my decisions and actions?  Wait patiently and allow things to happen how they're supposed to happen.

Fucking vicious cycle.


musco said…
Very true .....

Been ages I came here!!!

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