It's just sex

I get it now, when a man, who is either in a committed relationship or married, has sex w/ another woman and says that it's just sex.  I get it now.  I'm watching the story of Jacqueline Kennedy, in her own words, and there's a scene where President Kennedy removes a stray hair from her face, I see such tenderness in that display and see that he loves her so much, but he was a man and had needs.  I get it now.  It doesn't mean I like it or would ever condone it, but I get it.


doll said…
i dont get it though,. i doubt i ever would. you love someone you do not want to hurt them, you cannot afford to be selfish and selfish is @satisfying@ yourself with the lie that it is just sex!
YankeeNaija said…
@doll: it's just one of the complexities of life. i used to think that life always works out and sometimes that's just not the case. it's all about individuals, who they are, the choices they make and hope and pray that you end up w/ someone who feels and thinks like you.
'Lara said…
hmmm... and yes it can only be just sex even with single people too.

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