Do we ever stop learning?

We are constantly evolving, as individuals, so I presume that means that we never stop learning.  We have our victories, sure, but we too have our failures and I believe that these failures allow us to learn and be better.  When we are on a path and we either lose our way or trip and fall, we have to be adjusted.

I guess the reason for this, whatever it can be called, is because I fell.  I was on the right path, on my way to my destiny, but at my first test after my transformation, I failed and failed miserably.  But I have learned that I must take from this failure the lesson I'm supposed to learn.  I feel this failure is to show me that I have to be on guard at all times, be aware of what's going on, spiritually and physically.  I cannot presume to know everything, for I would be a fool.  Although I feel like a fool at the moment, but it's this moment where I have to make the decision to either stay down or get back up, dust myself off and continue on my journey.  Yes, I messed up, ROYALLY, but God is such a merciful God and has allowed me this mistake, to show me that I cannot navigate this path, my life, on my own.  


inStilettos said…
nothing about us ever surprises Him... I have missed yu so much luv!... and yu're such an awesomely amazing person... clearly the right attitude, so now more feeling foolish hun! luv yu loads...
inStilettos said…
sorry meant no more...:)
No we don't ever stop learning. Life is a journey, we keep learning to stay en-route:-)

Hope you're good?
YankeeNaija said…
@IS: My dear, I have missed you too. You're in Germany now? Whoa! so proud and happy for you.

@ NJ: I am awesome. How are you? I've been trying to catch up w/ my peep's blogs. Just trying to get back into the grind.
'Lara said…
we never stop learning, even though what we are learning might not be beneficial to us.

I love the attitude, I just need to get in that frame of mind and I shall also be back on the right track.

been a while, I have been here, have a lovely week.

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