I totally understand that I've been MIA and I do apologize.  I'm even writing this from work, during my ten min break.  I miss my peeps, my crew, my compadres, mis amigos, etc.

I'm currently listening to Pandora.com, genome radio and I'm listening to songs that are evoking feelings from me.  I can't believe I'm getting emotional over certain songs and it's kind of annoying me.  Laugh all you want.  I know I border on the absurd, but hey, deal with it.  LOL.  I'm just imaging NJ shaking her head right now.

Aside from my son, school and work, my life is good. I'm happy, very happy.  June 2011 is my projected graduation date and I'm so stoked.  But I was told to just take it one day at a time and not try and control what's going to happen in the future.  I couldn't even if I wanted to.  I seriously can't wait till I have a vacay so I get back into the thick of blogging.  I miss it.  I miss my peeps (said that already I know, but I do).

Alright, I'm not planning to use up the rest of my break on this.  Just wanted to touch bases w/ you all and please let me know what's going on w/ you in the comments.  I'm not calling out any names cause you should know who you are.  You, collectively, have become so near and dear to my heart and if I don't get a response from you, I'll cry.  I will to.  Don't test me.  I'll mail you my tears.  Kisses and hugs to you.  I'll be back, probably next Thursday to report on the haps for that week.


Young Grumbler said…
Been awol myself, hope you've been great? Aww June is so close now, wishing you continued success with school and work. And fab times with your son, take care!
Naijalines said…
I border on the absurd, hey deal with it too! Lol. Yes I'm shaking my head and waving my finger at u sef;)

You should be giving us some gist. Music is a great healer so no harm in using it. Hope you can get some rest this weekend. Love to your son.
T.Notes said…
Well i didn't exactly read the post,promise will get back2 that;-),only hurried down here2 1st of all scream 'YN,NOTTTTTT FAIR!!!!!!This is totally unacceptable!You're never even on messenger either!Make TIME!!!!"
More civilly,hi-you! But really,jeez i miss ya!

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