God does indeed have a great sense of humor. How do I know? I just do. What brings me to this conclusion is the fact that, until recently, I have not have had any desires to get involved with ANY man for the duration of the Nursing Program I'm currently involved in because: one - the Nursing Program is too stressful; two - having to deal with another person's drama will take up too much of my time and three - I can't deal with someone who can't understand that I won't be available to chat for maybe weeks at a time or at least just on weekends, as long as there are no exams. I listen to the stories from some of my classmates about how their SO's are upset because they're not the center of attention. I simply thank God. So, what is the deal with me thinking that God has a great sense of humor? I'll explain.

I am, by Webster's definition, the most guy crazy broad one will ever meet. Seriously. When I meet an attractive guy, have his first and last name, have a great conversation and find him attractive, I'm already planning our wedding. In my mind, I'm seeing how we'll be with the two point five kids. I kid you not. But, now, I seem to have forgotten what men are like. I've forgotten that men are around. Funny. That's why I say God has a sense of humor. Now, mind you, I understand why He did it. I need to focus on my schooling and having a relationship with a man, will totally distract me.

The funny thing is there's this guy at work. I work parttime and there's this guy who I chat with on occasion and he's interesting. Now before you start saying "uh oh", hear me out.

I have a type I'm attracted to. I'm attracted to men who are six feet two and above. I'll even make a consession for a guy that's six-one but only on rare occasions (only if he's FINE). I also like men that are lean, not skinny. There's a difference. I also like guys that have great personalities. I like guys that are funny and find me funny.

Now check this out: dude at work is only five nine or ten. He's a bit chunky BUT he's got great PERSONALITY. That's what gets me more than looks. I love a good conversation. I could lose my draws on some good conversation.

Back to the matter at hand: dude, as you've gathered from his physical make up, is not my type, so explain to me why I'm crushing on him??? He's got these beautiful hazel eyes. He's dark and adorable. Let me stop before I get too carried away.

I've resolved, within myself and with God, that I will not, nay, I cannot even allow myself to entertain the possibility of any daliances with dude. One, he's not my type physically. I'm five -eleven and LOVE to wear heals so I cannot compromise on that and two, he's akata. Nothing against akata men but I want to fall in love and marry a Naija again. I know, I've been burned once but my heart belongs to Naija and its men. And three, I'm still working on it, but needless to say, I've promised myself that I will not ever kiss this man or have any sort of physical relationship with him. I've sort of made the resolve to not have any physical relationship with any man for that matter, but that's another blog session. Regarding dude, I will not be getting closer to him. That's my game plan and I'm sticking to it.


Uzo said…
I clearly have to go back and read your previous posts because i could have sworn you celebrated an anniversary?
Simi Speaks said…
Hello girlie. how u dey?
rethots said…
Naturally, we all have the ideal (picture) only more often than not we make do with the real.

...learnt to be careful the resolves we make. No.3 seems willing to be broken. "... still working on it,..."

Interesting post.
NaijaBabe said…
Crshing on
thats funny!
lol! Na wa oh! Well, at least you know what you like, my sista. But, abeg, please consider 6ft 1in men, oh, you can still wear your heels when you go out with them. lol!

Take it easy.

Sting said…
If you've made up ur mind that that's what u want to do, then by all means stick to it.
'Yar Mama said…
Sometimes you find a partner where you least expect
Oracle said…
Thatz nice, keep being focused.
But i must say that there's a kind of attraction between the both of you which if you allow to grow will be the obsession of your soul.
I think your fate lies in your attitude towards him, if you give him reason to believe that you like him or that you'll answer when he calls. Then you just gotta be ready to pick that call.

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