So, my parents broke up.   My parents being my mom and stepdad.  They weren't married but were together for a long while.  They broke up a couple years ago but the reason I'm writing about it now is because of a thought that came into my head.

A little bit of history...

I've known my stepdad since I was 22 years old.  He and my mom were just friends then.  He was super cool.  He just understood me.  He gave me advice that literally changed my life.  He's the reason I married Munchkin's father and why Munchkin even exists.  He was the father I never had.  But things started to change.

I didn't notice it at first but then I started noticing that his approach towards me wasn't normal.  He swatted my backside and made a comment about how he loved watching me walk away.  I think the straw that finally broke the camel's back was when I was helping my mom take her braids out, he was behind me and pinched my ass.  I was totally shocked.

I was dating this guy at the time and I told him all that my stepdad had done and he said to tell my mom.  I was so afraid to.  Primarily because I didn't think she'd believe me.  I also told my sister and she said the same.  So, after much agonizing and lots of tears, I told my mom.

My mom thanked me for telling her and promptly booted my stepdad out of the house.

What prompted the thought of my stepdad was my wondering why he picked me?  Why me?  Why not my sister?  I finally figured out why he chose me.  He knew or was really confident in the idea that I wouldn't tell my mother because he knew my mom and I didn't have the best relationship.  He knew that if he tried that mess with my sister that she would tell my mom in a heart beat.

What breaks my heart is that he watched and watched and just watched.  Waiting for his chance.  He was a keen observer of what went on in our house, in our family and sought out the easiest prey, me.

It hurts to think that people like him actually exist.  


T.Notes said…
Sorry to hear this YNJ. Not sure if to curse him out, or be more slightly sympathetic.
Anonymous said…
Assuming a not so good relationship will benefit a sinister move is not expedient.

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