I HATE DRAMA!  So, why am I embroiled in it?  at work, of all places?  I have "beef" with my manager.  Can you imagine?  Truth be told, I'm indifferent towards her.  If she were to drop somewhere, I'd walk over her and be on my merry way.  She is not a human being.  She's callous, cold, selfish, lacks any esteem.  She's a sad human being.  Working with this woman is the epitome of being in purgatory.

Funny how this place is where I seek a place to vent, rant, get rid of all that bugs me to no end.

I miss my peeps, being involved in their dailies by reading their blogs daily.  I feel disconnected from them somehow.  Like any relationship, if one invests in it, then the other party reciprocates.  Life is very interesting in that no matter how old you get, you're a perpetual student.

God is good in that He allows me the privilege of learning and growing.

Thank you God.


T.Notes said…
Wow,you resurfaced again...as like of a breath of fresh air!!!!YN!!!!
P.S tell the boss T.Notes avises her to screw herself!
YankeeNaija said…
LOL. That is why I love you. Always on my side, no questiions asked. How are you my dear?
inStilettos said…
Awww sweetie! Missed yu so much we should do that call me, yu, tnotes, musco..... Missed yu and we should both walk over yur boss... Know wht yu mean! Hate drama too!
inStilettos said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
musco said…
Break her head jo! ..... wait! Did I just say that????LOL!

Nice to be back here, some changes though.

@T.Notes- You are here again as usual. Leave this woman alone for me now! LOL!

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