As requested by Musco, I have to update.

I did plan to update w/ my various observations, but just haven't found the time, but now I do, so here goes.

I've undergone a metamorphosis.  I've been changed, in the spiritual sense.  I have found God.  Now granted, I've always had God, but now, I've found Him and He's found me.  And through this metamorphosis, I've found my mother.  I'd always prayed to God to help me have a better relationship with my mom and he's answered my prayer.  Through Him, I've found the mother I'd always wanted.  She's absolutely amazing, wise, intelligent, beautiful, loving and so supportive.

In the last blog I wrote, I wrote about forgiveness.  I've learned to let go and let God, literally.  God is truly good  in how He works.  He may not come when we expect, but he's always on time.  I'm so grateful.  That's the emotion I'm experiencing now, gratefulness.  


musco said…
So obvious my last comment worked .... I seriously think I should consider becoming a pastor!

So glad you have finally let go and have found God in a new dimension.

You still rock!!!!
T.Notes said…
Dang!!!Thought i'd be first!This musco is a menace!!!!!Not fair tho YN,you're not allowed to be this distance from your blog!
Anywayz though,glad to know you've found in indeed awesome dimensions.
YankeeNaija said…
love you both so much.
musco said…
another update is due ....

miss u!

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